the future begins with imagination 


one purpose, many faces


transforming impact

Xische Strategy Practice is a consulting advisory helping clients digitally transform, commercialize and manage global partnerships. Focused on the Middle East's public sector. 

strategy by design

Anti-displinary, design-thinking, strategic communications firm Xische & Co. helps governments, global brands & startups discover narratives and tell stories; in Dubai, New York and Kuala Lumpur since 2001.

investigating change

Xische Reports is an independent research house and publisher of reports investigating change across culture, innovation and the future. Editorially focused on showcasing small nations making big impact in this decade.

bold future leaders

Xische Academy helps future leaders discover, pursue and scale their bold vision with masterclasses led by practitioners; in partnerships with several UAE government initiatives and entities.

culture building

HumanX helps build innovation capacity with consulting and curated learning experiences across Dubai, Copenhagen & Kuala Lumpur.

capturing lifestyle 

Nicolas Dumont is a niche lifestyle photography studio, leading the hospitality sector in the Middle East and North Africa.

food stories

A new non-fiction original TV + digital series discovering Dubai's gourmet and street gastronomy like never before.

division of goods

Agile unit managing and licensing diverse global products, marketed and distributed across the Middle East and North Africa.


impact venture funding

A unique venture capital and incubation firm, offering coaching, seed-funding and investment platform of like-minded partnerships.

insight meets instinct

Private equity boutique Xische Holdings Limited manages investments across entertainment, real estate, retail, design and technology.

Collaborate to WIN

We harness strategic alliances at every level across our businesses, converting fiercely individual organizations into consolidated leverage centers.

power of niches

We believe in the power of niches. What happened to be our proof of concept in the past, is today a collection of niche organizations, each spearheaded by talent groomed from within.

beyond the Brand

We target strategic acquisitions and integrate these companies into our  branded and un-branded portfolio. We incubate value and revitalize brands through our premium positioning, channels, and sales & marketing.

Compulsive attention

We believe in deploying our perfectionist attitude across all facets of business. Ubër high-quality is an integral part of our identity.

Convention-defying attitude

Innovation is not a tool of differentiation. Atleast for us. It is merely a manifestation of our anti-establishment eccentricity.

Always with a twist

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. You will find underlying humor across almost any endeavor we commit to.

Premium but for real ValuE

The ‘cheapest alternative’ is not our domain. Our positioning, albeit expensive, will always equate to value for money with a seal of exclusivity.